Solve Your Sleeping Problems

At All About Smiles Ettalong and All About Smiles Kincumber, we can offer you some help with a problem that affects far too many people. Sleeping disorders are among the most underdiagnosed and poorly managed medical conditions. Apart from the obvious issues of snoring and feeling tired, sleep apnoea has been implicated in the following conditions: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, headaches, depression and difficulty in concentrating and weight gain.

Sleep Apnoea

Essentially, sleep apnoea is when your airway closes during sleep, which causes you to suffocate. Many people have sleep apnoea treated with CPAP and this has been the gold standard for treatment for many years now. Some patients find CPAP equipment difficult to manage and at All About Smiles Ettalong and All About Smiles Kincumber, we can offer an alternative to CPAP in the form of a Somnomed oral appliance. The oral appliance brings the lower jaw forward and the tongue with it, therefore opening up your airway and preventing the collapse of the airway at the back of your mouth and upper airway.

Get an Assessment

In order to assess your situation in regards to snoring and sleep apnoea, a sleep study should be undertaken. We can arrange for you to do a home sleep study with equipment supplied by us in the comfort of your own home. Previously, you would have to go to a sleep study centre and spend the night away from home to obtain the necessary data.

TMJ Dysfunction

This condition can be quite debilitating and symptoms can range from clicking in the jaw joints to headaches, migraines and earaches. We treat the problem with a device called an occlusal splint, which relaxes the tissues involved in the jaw joint and allows us to accurately assess the cause of the problem and initiate appropriate treatment.

Don’t let toothaches, sleep apnoea or TMJ prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Call today to get started.