What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is an area of dentistry which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of misaligned teeth and irregular bites. Orthodontics is recommended for patients for a number of reasons. These reasons extend further than just the aesthetics of your mouth. Often, misaligned teeth and jaws can cause significant dental pain. Furthermore misaligned teeth can create an oral hygiene issue which can lead to decay and gum disease.

Treatment Options

There are many different options available for orthodontic work. All About Smiles Ettalong and All About Smiles Kincumber, we offer a number of different options to straighten your teeth. We use full fixed braces (either metal or clear) and clear, removable aligner therapy (Invisalign©) as well as abbreviated courses of braces called Rapid Smiles. Often, before teeth can be straightened, a preliminary orthodontic appliance may be needed to create room (through various types of ‘plates’). Before any orthodontic treatment is commenced, it is essential to obtain orthodontic records.

Orthodontic records include a thorough medical and clinical history, orthodontic impressions, orthodontic photographs and orthodontic x-rays.


Full fixed braces have been around for a long time now, although the way they look and work has changed over the years. Braces are made up of a number of different components. The basics of braces include a metal or ceramic bracket adhered to the tooth surface with an archwire extending through the bracket. This archwire is kept in place by a rubber ligature which holds the wire in the bracket. Just like with every orthodontic case, the length of time a patient has braces differs greatly between the individual. Your clinician should be able to give you a timeframe for how long your treatment should take.
All About Smiles Braces Girl
All About Smiles Ceramic Braces

Rapid Smiles

At All About Smiles Ettalong and All About Smiles Kincumber, we can offer an abbreviated form of braces for appropriate cases called Rapid Smiles. Typically these cases take 4-6 months with retainers still required at completion. We usually place brackets on front teeth only.

Clear Aligner Therapy (Invisalign©)

Clear Aligner Therapy is a relatively new concept (since the mid-1990s) when compared to traditional braces. Recent studies have shown it to be just as effective as braces, but with better aesthetics. At All About Smiles Ettalong and All About Smiles Kincumber, the Clear Aligner Therapy that we offer is in the form of Invisalign©.


Invisalign© is a series of clear removable aligners that progressively move your teeth. Each aligner is worn for 1-2 weeks and the number of aligners differs per patient. Many individuals chose Invisalign© purely for the aesthetics as they are minimally visible on the teeth. Also, Invisalign© makes oral hygiene much easier as they are removable.
All About Smiles Orthodontic Retainer


Once any kind of orthodontic treatment has concluded, your dentist will recommend retainers. Retainers are a means to hold your teeth in their current position until the supporting structures around the tooth have matured enough to hold your teeth in that position. Retainers can take two forms, either fixed wire bonded to the inside of your teeth or a removable retainer.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment or would like an expert opinion, please call us to book an orthodontic consultation.